So What

Miles Davis

  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 1959-04-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 9:06

Music Video


  • Outstanding!

    By Moroni on the web
    You just don't get a trumpet player that good anymore. Jazz is not nearly as popular as it used to be in the '50s. Almost no one listens to Jazz... they are all too busy listening to rock, hip-hop and all the other crazy music that hits the market these days. Don't get me wrong, I like that music too, but not as much as good old Jazz. Jazz makes my mind wander. I find myself conning up with new ideas and plans that I never thought of while I listen to Jazz. Jazz boosts my memory, expands my understanding, increases my knowledge, and makes me feel just plain happy. Miles Davis is one of my favorite people to listen to. His soothing swing style makes my spirit soar.
  • Enchanting

    By roberttaylorcurryii
    How so wonderfully beautiful it is to be able to visually capture these superb musicians. This video documented one of the greatest collaborative efforts in the history of jazz. This group of musicians is without a doubt one of the greatest groups in the history of jazz music. If you love jazz and you don't have this video, you remain absolutely incomplete!!
  • miles outside time

    By paegn
    Miles probably cringed if ever forced to revisit his earlier performances of songs he'd be forced to play much of his life. Actually, as soon as he was empowered to do so, he abandoned any realtime connection to that that had been passed in time. Witness the "So What" live performance video of 1964. Miles was secretly proud of his hypered-virtuosic level of presentation of songs conceived to be more.. relaxed, sedate. The tempo was symbolic of the rate he rushed relentlessly towards the unknown of his future, hardly ever looking over his shoulder. I wonder where he is by now?
  • Miles Davis Rules!

    By Rouge Platypus
    This is my favorite Miles Davis song. Its nice that they put a video of it on itunes. The sound quality is very bad though
  • So What

    By K. Johnson
    I envy Mr. Capone's being the first to write a review and I concur, even if he is, perhaps, writing in hyperbole. Ok, ok... maybe Miles wasn't the greatest trumpet player ever, but he was certainly one of the greatest jazz trumpet player/musician/composer/band leader/arrangers to ever. And his music, especially this song and others from this time in his career, speaks to me in such a way that I enthusiastically agree with Mr. Capone's literary license. This band, and “So What” are icons of jazz, although if I’m not mistaken, Bill Evans played piano on the album version of the song. Watching the video takes you back to a time when this music was new, when Miles was opening doors in jazz and stepping through. Watch this video enough and you can begin to feel as if you are there in the smoky room with all those cool cats. Look around for Mr. Capone and myself, nodding to the rhythm and smiling.
  • First To Review!!!

    By Spider Splicer
    What an honor to review the video to the best song ever made. Miles is the best trumpet player to ever live.