Framing Hanley

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-10-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:38

Music Video


  • It's good

    By Mozartgal423
    I like the original and this one. AND OMFGGG KENNETH NIXON IS EFFING SEXYYYY<3333 so that makes the video a lot better haha
  • Best Video goes to . . . Framing Hanley

    By Antoinette Hill
    I've only seen this video a million times and know the intro word for word, also to the people saying Framing Hanley should of left Lil Wayne's song alone they didn't do this to get big it was something they did for fun because at the time it was Ryans first time in the band and it was played for fun and it happened to get them a recored deal but than again the people saying that ain't real Framing Hanley fans cause if you were you'd know they have tons of other good songs off The Moment besides Lollipop :-) and their newest Album A Promise To Burn does as well, meet these guys 2x and they are the nicest, most laied back dudes you'll ever meet their def worth seeing live if you haven't
  • NICE Video

    By HK2800
    Very good song. And can anybody tell me what song plays in the beginning when they are at the party?
  • Ah-mazing!

    This music video and band is just amazing!! Love the beat and what FH did with the song. To be honest I hated lil wane and never liked the song until i heard this version. <3 just love the song.... Annd Nixon's super smexi!!
  • So much better then lil Wayne

    By CrayolaBoi
    Love this song and video but someone needs to change the preview to include the song.
  • Uh

    By 50 is the man
    First of all don't mess up a perfectly good song and turn it into this and uhhhhhhhhhh that's it
  • Love the song but......

    By Tahjee' 3
    I really like this version of lollipop but I think framing hanley should have let lil Wayne keep his own song
  • Amazing live

    By kottonkandi<3
    Seen them live tonight amazing job guys thank you for the hand shake and signing my drum stick and my poster simply amazing
  • Beast

    By enieman
    This song pwns lol Wayne In the face!
  • good song

    By kctjk1990
    nina1028 is stupid this song is awesome

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