Ariana Grande

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2020-11-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:40

Music Video


  • queen ari

    By Iffy cuff
    love this music video
  • Good enough

    By HappyHaunt1000
    I prefer the remix song so the video really isn't for me. But it's no worse than Baby Boy by Beyonce especially since this is from a newer generation and it beats the **** out of all the gang rap whose lyrics tell us about shooting people.
  • Gross lyrics 👎🏽

    By Brę_J
    Pls stop this is just sooooo garbage and ghetto 🗑 🤮🤢
  • Liked the Video, but I hate the song

    By SparklyBows
    The lyrics are not catchy at all
  • Whaaaa

    By J.K.R-H.
    This is obnoxious—at least show us some men
  • we love herrrr

    By Jessi12323232
    SUCH A BOP JDJJJHJZ and the remix omg i love it here
  • Unique Style, Disgusting Lyrics

    By Cutie Pie Girl 2009
    Ariana Grande is such an excellent singer but the lyrics are not okay. The whole point of the song is absolutely inappropriate and what she's saying in this song is that she wants to 69 with a guy. The music video was cute and robotic but very weird because the twerking part did not suit her personality and she even wore clothes like she's naked. The third verse is even SO dirty, it's like a tribute to "WAP" or a song by CupcakKe, totally gross and unlistenable for a kid to listen to. "F*ck me 'til the daylight", I've never heard this singer say anything like that. 34 + 35 makes 69, are you thinking about 6IX9INE? If you are, she never did him like that, she's making sex jokes. "Math class, never was good", Ariana says in the end. None of her songs ever had this type of energy, and now she gets all horny and decides to make this song called 34+35. BLEH. The good thing about this video is that the makeup is incredible and nostalgic especially for a new album. Plus, her harmonies are sounding like heaven. Third, the fembot reference is such a cool idea, it reminds me of her "Mean Girls" reference in "thank u, next"! That's all I have to say about it, bye 🤍
  • I’m sorry Ari

    By spoopyirene
    I’ve been a fan since her Nickelodeon days, but this really was disappointing
  • Garbage

    By CG033119
    This is garbage music 🤮🤮 She used to be good now 🤮
  • Umm

    By esther0817

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