Black Swan


  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2020-03-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:29

Music Video


  • Hey Babe was your birthday today

    By big h nudging
    I just got off work

    By queen kawii
    Amazing song talking about the present and things they go through. BTS make a great impact on children.
  • This is called Beauty. Watch for clear skin.

    By Mirelle Katherine
    I hope BTS get featured in a movie because this is what a storyline is supposed to look like. Maybe it’s just a music video, but there was definitely character development with Jimin as the Black Swan. I was bias wrecked by every single member and my own bias thrice fold at the minimum. If I had only known this was the new standard of quality motion production. I now have clear skin because of this music video. I am not exaggerating. Oh and Namjoon, I expect to see that look more. 13/10. My eyes are blessed. Thank you.
  • outstanding

    By Limelight~Army
    jungkook had me like 🥵. matter of fact, all them had me 🥵. they can’t help it tht they fine af. great song and video 👍 bro tae and kookie are so sexy...😉
  • Trash and overrated

    By selswhore
  • Stunning!!!!!

    By 99 Million views gone
    The cinematography and artistry put into the Music Video is absolutely amazing! They never disappoint. Absolutely breathe taking!!!!
  • literally no words

    By I purple you💜💜💜
    this masterpiece left me speechless
  • Bts

    Jimin, you good keep going
  • Bts

    By marymmelikamana
    There are the best
  • bts never disappoints

    By #JBE7
    the mv is captivating and mysterious. if you look throughly, there are lots of scenes that are brutally honest, like the shadows which express self-doubt and insecurity, it builds up and looms over. lyrics is about someone who is slowly losing their passion and unable to find joy anymore, which i think a lot of people can relate since we are constantly under pressure and stress. overall its a representation of hope and despair.