Preacher's Kid - Semler

Preacher's Kid


  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 2021-02-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2021 PK Records


Title Artist Time
Bethlehem Semler 4:07 USD 0.99
Jesus From Texas Semler 3:18 USD 0.99
Queer Content For Your Conside Semler 0:10 USD 0.69
Chicken Semler 3:20 USD 0.99
Youth Group Semler 2:23 USD 0.99
Posture (Interlude) Semler 0:54 USD 0.99
A Good Man Semler 4:26 USD 0.99
Promised Land (Outro) Semler 1:17 USD 0.99


  • Razor sharp lyrics

    By gandertaker
    This album is a genuine pleasure to find. It was roughly recorded on a laptop, but it’s actually very fitting for the content. It’s a raw, honest album with clever, sharp, uniquely worded lyrics that are wholly unpretentious. It’s a humbly earnest appeal to God and expression of frustration and pain for what God’s people and their theology did to her- and to most the rest of us. Honestly, though, seeing all these LGBTQ+ folks in the comments makes me feel like I have more of a spiritual community than I’ve felt was possible in a long time.
  • 5/5

    By alltheowls
    This is such a beautiful and honest album. Thank you for sharing your heart and representing queer Christians
  • healing

    By via_claire
    this album is so relatable. i feel really comforted listening to the album, feeling seen in christian music for the first time. my relationship with God is still shakey but lyrics like “i’m a child of god just in case you forgot and you cast me out every single chance that you got. but that’s your loss not mine i’ll be better than fine you just missed your chance to meet the unholy devine” and “a prodigal son from the day you were born” feel so relatable and painful in the healing way. i don’t know if you’ll see this grace — but thank you for this album and your other content, it makes me feel less alone - love from a non-binary lesbian still stuck in an un-accepting youth group
  • Amazing

    By Bdjdbf
    As an ex trans Christian, this album was very refreshing
  • Huh

    By The Deli
    For Christians who supposedly want to reach out to those unlike them, there sure is a lot of gatekeeping and exclusion going on in these comments. EP's alright, lots of potential
  • This is the first time in forever I’ve felt like Christian music actually might be worth saving.

    By pistolekris
    Here’s to the beginning of having actual love and acceptance in Christianity again and the clock to Lauren Daigle getting outed as a homophobe has begun.
  • A breath of fresh air

    By Queer Christian
    I’ve never felt so seen by an album. Unlike most music in the Christian genre, this is true art, beauty that glorifies God. All the reviews claiming this isn’t Christian are ironically proving the point of the album.
  • Tells the truth!

    By $"@?
    I think many of the negative reviews come from people with idealic views of the church and that the church is without fault. But this album speaks the truth that those people are in denial about. The church is stained with sex crimes and greed, and it deflects the seriousness of their actions by casting shame on to others making them doubt their faith. I think this album calls out those issues and tells the story of the pain they cause. Personally this album gives me hope that I can find my place in the faith community again someday.
  • An album that blames God for homosexuality and church hurt

    By Ash31695
    I would have rated this a 3 if it were not labeled as Christian genre. I think self expression is great but not at the expense of disrespecting God. There are mainstream Christian artists like Chance and Justin Bieber who aren’t disrespectful enough to label their music Christian because it goes against Gods word. I’m guessing this is so she can feel “accomplished”. I’d be okay with a homosexual artist making an album glorifying God and calling it Christian but this ain’t it. I’m praying for Grace. Please wake up before it’s too late.
  • Religious trauma wrapped up in a beautiful bow

    By kikkichiki
    If you have Christian trauma (especially if you’re queer) this album will be a healing experience for you.