Everything Is Wrong - Moby

Everything Is Wrong


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1994-12-12
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 1995 Elektra Entertainment Group, a division of Warner Communications Inc. for the Uni


Title Artist Time
Hymn Moby 3:17 USD 1.29
Feeling So Real Moby 3:22 USD 1.29
All That I Need Is to Be Loved Moby 2:43 USD 1.29
Let's Go Free Moby 0:38 USD 1.29
Everytime You Touch Me Moby 3:42 USD 1.29
Bring Back My Happiness Moby 3:12 USD 1.29
What Love Moby 2:48 USD 1.29
First Cool Hive Moby 5:16 USD 1.29
Into the Blue (LP Version) Moby & Mimi Goese 5:32 USD 1.29
Anthem (LP Version) Moby 3:27 USD 1.29
Everything Is Wrong (LP Versio Moby 1:14 USD 1.29
God Moving Over the Face of th Moby 5:45 USD 1.29
When It's Cold I'd Like to Die Moby & Mimi Goese 4:15 USD 1.29


  • Stranger things

    By Stranger things2324
    Will is alivand being rescued!
  • When It's Cold I'd Like To Die

    By boycandyx3
    I'm here because of Stranger Things ❤️
  • 😜

    By Mightyrighthand#1
    Stranger Things brought me here.
  • Pretty good!

    By TheMartinator
    Pretty good album if you ask me, but not as good as Play. Moby does different styles of music on this album, dance, downtempo electronic, pop, and punk rock. Moby is very talented with his music on this album! This is still worth listening too if you're a fan of Moby.
  • Takes me back.

    By Amedeo29
    I bought this album in 1995, the year I graduated high school. At the time I remember the grunge scene was becoming stale, and then a few really amazing albums appeared that took me into a whole new direction. Tricky's Maxinquaye, Portishead's Dummy, Pet Shop Boys' Relentless, Juno Reactor's Beyond The infinite, and Moby's Everything is Wrong. While I didn't know it at the time, Moby had been on the scene almost a decade already, producing dance tracks under surnames like Voodoo Child. Everything is Wrong is one of, if not THE, first proper studio album of his. I will NEVER forget reading the amazing liner notes detailing everything that Moby defined as 'wrong'. The subsequent remix LP had a list of things to do to stop doing wrong. Anyways, I absolutely love the music on this album. I remember the beauty that is "First Cool Hive", later seeing it as the end credits to the film Scream (How odd?) made my sister discover Moby. The first time I heard "When its cold I'd like to die" I was sitting in my best friends living room well after midnight, with hardly any light on. It was snowing outside, and the song haunted me. I still think of January nights, cold and lonely, when I hear this track. On the opposite of that spectrum are three tracks to lift even the darkest soul: Everytime you touch me, Anthem, and the best track on the entire album: Feeling So Real - which to me is pure ecstasy (the emotion that is) made to music. While 'Play' is a fantastic album, this album will always represent the TRUE MOBY to me. The album that made me discover him. BTW, Love the album art. The cover photo looks like it had "When its cold..." in mind.
  • Mindblowing

    By lazesummerstone
    This album holds up well, but maybe it's because it simply blew my teenage mind when it came out. I love electronic music today because of this album.
  • Vivid Highways…. and heists...

    By inauguralgooseflesh
    Heat brought me here:)
  • A Masterpiece...

    By Kaadan77
    And the earth was without form, and void; and darkess was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. (Genesis 1:2) That track alone is why I love this album. The simplicity of that intsrumental piece is both astounding and inspiring.
  • My first Moby Experience

    By Makdad9
    Into the Blue is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I have played it hundreds of times but each time I come back to it I am moved.
  • Everything is Wrong

    By maxdadmark
    Most of the songs are okay, not really special. Seems I've heard him do most of this several years ago. The one clunker is "All that I Need is to be Loved." At that point, all I needed was to delete this song, even though I paid for it. I wouldn't really suggest purchasing this collection.