Too Cool (Music Montage Video)

Meaghan Martin

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 1:31

Music Video


  • horrible!!!

    By Shsideigdfkspaiehf
    dont by it dont listen to it. she cant sing and she thinks she cool what a diva. im sorta a diva my self but, WHO WOULD SING A SONG ABOUT HOW COOL THEY R IT ANNOYS ME!
  • Don't hate on what you don't know!

    By Bear263aa121
    This song was made for the movie, not for just a song. So stop hating on Megan for it.  cya
  • ugh!

    By Mrs. Santos
    i dont like this song... is sounds like a chinese song D:

    By Coyne95
    this isnt even her voice! she cant sing worth anything
  • awful?

    By La Musiqe
    This is a huge disgrace to the original. Yes, this is a cover, for those of you who didn't know (translation:everybody). And if she's singing live in the movie, why is there auto-tune?
  • I Luv Meaghan Jette Martin!!!!!!

    By GoodPerformancebyPaige
    Too Cool and Two Stars are Awesome!!! Ur really hott!!
  • ummm, not really good.

    By Somber247
    i like the original better, it's not so bad but she makes it look... i don't know weird, maybe. She seems kinda desperate or something. She definitely sounds better in 2 Stars. She actually reminds me of the blond from the updated version of hairspray, not the original. Attention hog, no offense and i understand that's her charecter in the movie, i just don't like it. To some it all up: It's okay, i guess...

    By silkiehen
    EVERYBODY!!!!!! Meaghan martin is NOT THE BLONDIE FROM SONNY WITH A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT PERSON IS TIFFANY THORNTON!!!!!! THEY HAVE DIFFERENT VOICES AND THEY LOOK DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!! SO JUST PLEASE GET THAT STRAIGHT IN YOUR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!! OK?!?!?!?!? (sorry i dont want to be mean; just that i get annoyed with people really easily hope you understand!!) <:D
  • Video watcher

    By Stopandthinkfirst
    Ok here's a few things: I don't no if it's in the previews but in whole video she does weird thing with her shoulder it is weird and awesome all at once! 2 u guys really shouldn't diss her the song might not be ur favorite but she is an amazing singer!!!!!
  • Great Song

    By i live4music
    Okay so everyone who thinks that she wrote this song about her real life and thinks that she's better than everyone else is wrong. This song comes from Camp Rock where in the movie she plays this really cool, pretty, popular and snotty girl. That is not who she really is! This is an awesome song and she has a pretty voice.

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