The White Noise Album - The White Noise Digital Labs Ensemble

The White Noise Album

The White Noise Digital Labs Ensemble

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2006-08-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2

  • ℗ 2006 Sound Travels Recording


Title Artist Time
The White Noise -- Long Progra The White Noise Digital Labs Ensemble 55:57 USD Album Only
The White Noise -- Short (Loop The White Noise Digital Labs Ensemble 4:02 USD 0.99


  • Will make your baby Deaf

    By monmart
    Please do not play this for your baby. Constant white noise will make you deaf. As a sound expert, please take this advise. It's not the same as Ocean sounds as the frequencies change with the ocean. These tracks will damage your child's hearing and especially adults.
  • Help!

    By SK424242
    I am trying to make this loopable and can't seem to avoid the pause in between. I tried using the last reviewers advice, but there is still a pause. Can anyone help?
  • Saved!

    By Dr Race
    I used to run Black Amoeba's "Noise", which was great, but it didn't work on OS10.5. Following the advice above on how to shorten the play-time, the 99cent short loop works fantastically well - especially since one can use the EQ to make the noise "pink" (more bass, less treble > more like a waterfall, less hissy)
  • So money for studying

    By FJRabon
    Itunes tells me I've played this track nearly 4,000 times. That is how instrumental it has been when I really need to conentrate and study. I use the short loopable track, which the fade out was initially irritating, but then I came up with a solution: 1)right click on the track, 2) hit get info, 3) Hit the options tab 4) then change the track end time to 3 minutes (the box will say 4:02.02, just manually type in "3:00" in that spot) and it will then seamlessly loop on itself with no noticeable pause (unless you have itunes set up to pause between tracks, in which case its impossible to make it loop anyway). I've played it this way for hours on end and it really does help. There isn't even teh slightest glitch between the end of one playing and the beginning fo the next, so there is no need to worry about changing your cross fade settings like another reviewer recommended (and that approach only works roughly, there is a noticeable decline in the volume leve when one playing ends, regardless of how long you cross fade). I don't think there is anything magical to it, the brain just tunes it out, but it raises the noise floor for all other sounds, making it harder to "hear" other sounds that might distract you. The only way you might need the hour long track is if you plan on burning a cd, but if you're just playing it on your computer you only need the 4 minute $0.99 track. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because they could have just as easily made it loopable itself instead of fading out, doing away with the necessity of changing the track end time. However, as I showed above, the problem is easily fixable on itunes (although the solution doesn't work on my nano) so no great harm.
  • Regarding the looping fade out concern... solution

    By Fan the Fire
    In response to the user that left the note about the looping, I had this same problem, and you are right, it isn't well thought out to call the file looping, when the sound isn't continuous. I overcame it by duplicating the file, and then setting iTunes to "crossfade playback" in playback settings) so that it crossfades at the end of the file. Adjust the length of crossfade until It fades smoothly, and it won't wake your baby.
  • Absolutely perfect!

    By Spleenman
    How many times have we new parents been told that white noise bolsters our youngsters' ability to learn? My wife and I have been looking for an album of pure white noise for two years, ever since we had our first child. I even went so far as to bring an older TV into the nursery while she slept in order to exploit the persistent white noise of channel 3. Aesthetically and aurally, this album is a much more pleasant experience... I wish it had been around then! Oh, and my wife SWEARS by it for meditation.
  • Try this album, IT WORKS!

    By Margaret T.
    This is the best "White Noise" solution! Especially the "loopable" track feature. You can buy the 2nd track for just 99¢ and then loop it on your iPod for a continuous noise-blocking solution! That way it doesn't eat up any hard-drive space : ) Then if you want to burn a CD just buy the full album version. I read about "White Noise" in "The Happiest Baby on the Block". I wasn't sure if it would work, BUT IT DOES. Playing this album puts our newborn, Tyler right to sleep! and if he has a crying fit, just 1 min. of The WHITE NOISE ALBUM calms him right down! He looked so peaceful that I thought I'd try it too. It blocks my husband's snoring and I sleep in peace!!!